Sales Manager
Jessica will be your first point of contact when working with our studio. Having designed and executed over 500 weddings and events before joining the team, she brings a wealth of knowledge to help you manage the initial planning and booking process with ease. She’s rather creative herself (a painter and glass blower to name just two) which helps immensely when communicating in the industry. She takes great care of the details, no matter the size, and the same applies to how she takes extra care of our clients.
Jessica’s favorite clients include their dog in their wedding photos. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, she will probably let you borrow hers.


Pre Production Coordinator

 Staci is our “IT” (not I-T) girl and literally knows all.  If she is not able to answer your questions, she knows how to get the answer for you.  Staci handles everything: client account balances, wedding day timelines, permit information, engagement shoot bookings & office humor.  If you find yourself in a panic at the last minute she is also available for day-of coordination.
Staci’s favorite clients are those who send her funny animal videos:)


Editor in Chief

 Allie is the photoshop wizard of the studio.  An absolute perfectionist with an eye for editorial style.  She makes every photo beautiful without ever being over the top.  Being a photographer herself goes a long way for the editing process.  Allie also designs the albums and her keen sensibility for clean lines and timeless design ensures you will cherish your album for generations.
Allie’s favorite clients are those who bring her an Americano for her long days behind the keyboard!

Stephanie Boye

Studio & Sales Manager

Stephanie introduced Tyler to wedding photography way back in 1999 and then bailed to found a clothing line.  In 2008, she and Tyler moved East and officially founded TBP Studio.  After wearing every hat in the studio she has landed in sales with Liz and manages the studio.
Stephanie’s favorite clients are those who love Indian food or are going to Mexico on their honeymoon.