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Tomi & Andrew ~ {Curtis Center} Philadelphia, PA ~ by Hugh

What to do, what to do? Weddings are, to most, one of the most important days of their life [lives? I’m not Englishing good]. It’s definitely a top-5 level affair, and I can only imagine how tiring it must be to have months, sometimes years, of planning finally come to a head on this one day. Because it’s such a momentous occasion, I try my hardest to keep it light and let them be amongst the people they’re closest with, then try and capture them in all of their awkward glory.

I shot Tomi and Andrew’s engagement shoot last year and it’s one for the ages. They’re so damn cute and happy that I was practically panting in anticipation for their wedding. When the day arrived, it didn’t disappoint, and neither did they. Their warmth was apparent from the moment you’d walk in the door and it never waned. Their friends were a great mix of people who didn’t allow a stranger to deter them from being themselves in front of the camera and we all had a good time making awkward hand gestures [because seriously, what do you do with those things?].

It was beyond wonderful shooting this wedding. When you’re by people who are this happy, contagious isn’t even a good enough of a word to describe how it seeps into you and gives you a big goofy grin. Insert all of the hyperbole for these two, they deserve it <3


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