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Megan & Matt ~ {Engagement Session} Philadelphia, PA ~ by Hugh

One of my favorite attributes when it comes to couples is patience. Working through portraits takes time [usually a lot of time], you often can’t rush the process, but you can definitely get worn down by it, as it feels like you’re being chiseled and your energy levels start to sap after a while. Engagement sessions especially are draining due to the intense focus of the shoot: one often doesn’t get many breaks in that short span of time and before you know it, your cheeks are sore, you got lockjaw, and your lips are chapped like you’ve been stuck in the desert for a week. What I’m trying to say it, getting photographed is damn hard.

Matt and Megan were champs at this picture stuff, though. Maybe you can attribute it to their love of activities that require high levels of endurance, but really it’s because they’re wonderful people and were so chock full of love and chemistry. It’s easy to turtle up in front of the camera, but once you forget there’s someone there and lose yourself in your partner’s eyes and embrace, it becomes so much easier. Cheers to you two!


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